BRP International has a unique marketing expertise transforming lesser-known product brands into international high profile brands through their worldwide business connections.


Fortune 500 brands as well as entrepreneurs and inventors trust BRP International. Fundamental to our success is a collaborative partnership with our clients.

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  • Fresh ’N Cold – BRP International worked closely with the owners of this unique product, recommending the redesign of the product and packaging. BRP International then successfully placed the product on multiple home shopping networks including HSN in the U.S., the Shopping Channel in Canada, QVC in Germany and QVC in the U.K.
  • Slide-OR – BRP International worked directly with the inventor of this unique kitchen product. With only a prototype to go with, BRP International arranged for the manufacturing of the product in China and the launch of the Slide-OR on the QVC network in America.
  • Frownies – A small family owned business with limited retail distribution was a small challenge for BRP International. After re-branding the beauty products and redoing the packaging, BRP International launched the products with a national infomercial followed by airing on the QVC network. BRP then organized a print media PR campaign, which resulted in articles featuring Frownies in several international magazines including Oprah!

  • QVC Umbrella– BRP International represented this unique and first generation product on behalf of the inventor. It was purchased by the QVC network.

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