BRP has a proven track record of building businesses for more than 25 years.
Rob Russo

Rob Russo

BRP, founded by Rob Russo, is an independent sales, marketing and consulting company, representing all classes of businesses. With a broad base of U.S. and international experience, BRP offers established businesses, start-ups and major brands the opportunity to develop and expand their business through our Extensive Connections and Sales Channels. Additionally, Rob is renowned for successfully representing production companies to advertising agencies as well as corporations for branded content and television commercial work. BRP also provides expert support for Conceptualization, Product Development, Branding and Strategic Planning.

What We Offer

Representation, Consulting & Business Development

  • Specializes in building & developing small to large businesses

  • Has a network of contacts, sales brokers and distributors

  • Represents manufacturers to all classes of the wholesale and retail trade

  • Represents production companies to major brands for content creation

  • Is connected in the entertainment industry and is a published author & songwriter

  • Develops new business relationships globally

  • Has manufacturing sources internationally

  • Brings extensive experiences in marketing, advertising and public relations

  • Provides personal attention and commitment to each client

  • More than 25 years of proven success

Current Interests – Rob is open to representing new and challenging ventures. From established businesses looking to expand to start-ups offering unique products and services, Rob can help you achieve your goals! Currently Rob is working with a start-up that created a unique fashion mobile app. Rob is consulting with developers and PR firms to help direct the path going forward for the new venture.

Who We Are

BRP International is an independent sales, marketing and consulting firm operating out of New York and Los Angeles. Through an established network of contacts and years of trust and credibility, BRP can quickly identify the immediate opportunities for company growth and expand new and existing products into key markets. President and CEO, Rob Russo founded the company in 1988. He has a diverse background and a wide range of experience. Rob has personally represented Fortune 500 companies such as Time Warner, Konica Minolta and Sprint and has been recognized as one of the leading rep firms in the commercial advertising industry. Ad agency clients include Grey Group, JWT, Saatchi Saatchi, McCann World Group and BBDO. Additionally, Rob has represented start-up companies and helped turn their products into international brands. Rob is known for his attention to detail and never-give-up attitude. He is an exceptional motivator and enjoys collaborating with other people.
Selected Credits

Commercial Production

Rob repped production companies to the advertising industry, billing over 10 million dollars in commercial production and content creation. Campaigns and ad agency clients included Pepsi Mountain Dew, Nissan Path Finder (Super Bowl), General Motors, Grey Group, JWT, Saatchi Saatchi, McCann World Group and BBDO. Rob also repped Academy award-winning feature film directors Oliver Stone and John Avildsen for television commercial spots through Shooting Stars Int’l.


Appointed as an exclusive master broker, Rob helped Sprint develop marketing programs for Asian consumers and expand distribution and sales channels for their international calling products throughout the U.S. and Asia. Rob’s proven record in developing international contacts was instrumental in Sprint’s decision to form the exclusive contract.


Rob served as the exclusive worldwide master broker for the manufacturer of the beauty product, Frownies. Within two years of representing the family-owned business founded in 1889, Rob increased the company’s annual gross sales by more than tenfold! Rob brought B&P far-reaching distribution channels such as QVC home shopping network, an infomercial and national & international retail chains. Rob also made significant contributions to the brand by advising on consolidation of the product lines and redesign of the brand identity. BRP then launched a national PR campaign for the company, which resulted in the company’s products being featured in various magazines including Oprah, Vogue, Us Weekly and Good Housekeeping.

Armao & Company

Rob was an associate of the international financier Bob Armao. Mr. Armao was a former financial consultant to the Rockefeller family and has represented more than 18 world leaders. Rob collaborated on several projects with Armao & Company such as franchise rights to Hard Rock Cafés in three foreign countries.

QVC & HSN Networks

Rob advised inventors of various products and helped them improve their product design in order to be considered for airing on the networks. Rob was instrumental in sourcing manufactures for some of his clients’ products, as well. Through his close relationships with decision-makers in the television direct response industry, Rob was successful in securing the sale of several products to the QVC and HSN home shopping networks in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Rob also negotiated infomercial rights for their clients.

Time Warner

Rob formed a joint venture partnership to produce and market a series of audio books from stories published in Outdoor Life magazine. Rob is credited with the U.S. and international sales and distribution of the series as well as the creative development.

Shelter Entertainment

Rob served as Director of Marketing and Sales under the former president of Warner Brothers Records (UK). Rob’s duties included marketing the music publishing rights and recordings of such artists as Tom Petty and The Dirty Strangers (featuring Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones) to ad agencies and radio stations.


Rob created and directed the half-hour television show House Touring with Elaine Salkin, decorator and design editor for the New York Daily News. The show brought viewers inside the homes of celebrities such as the world-renowned fashion designer Oleg Cassini and his incredible mansion on the North Shore of Long Island, NY.


Rob had his start in the music industry, promoting and managing recording artists. Soon after, he was producing and marketing three-minute mini concerts (recording artist videos) for release in movie theatres prior to the airing of the feature film. Rob formed a company and produced the mini concerts for theatrical distribution under an exclusive contract with Screenvision, a joint venture of Capital Cities Communications and Mediavision. The three-minute concerts were shown in more than 4,000 theatres in 175 markets in the United States.

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